UAD LUNA is now free for all Mac users

The UAD LUNA Digital Audio Workstation is now free for all Mac users. No UAD hardware required.

Get your songs sounding like the records you love with LUNA – a next-generation DAW that makes it easy to record, edit, and mix your music. LUNA is the only recording software with the sound of classic studio equipment like analog console summing and tape machine emulations, built right in.

LUNA is available free to all Mac users – no UA hardware required. Sign up today to try the essential LUNA Extensions and UAD Plug-ins add-on bundle free for 30 days.

LUNA 101 - LUNA Absolute Beginner's Guide


Discover the unique power of LUNA, a fully-integrated Mac-based recording systems, with trainer and UAD expert Matt Vanacoro.

UAD LUNA is perfect for all your music production, editing and mixing needs, LUNA brings you a seamless hardware-software integration with analog-style tracking workflows, as well as a warm and punchy tape sound. It's also super fun to use, as you will learn in this in-depth beginner's guide.

Matt starts by talking a solid look at how to properly install the software and components. He explains how to create a fresh session, how LUNA interacts with the Universal Audio Console software, how to navigate the timeline and mixer views, and how the saving and bookmarking system works.

After learning the basics, you're ready for the fun stuff... creating music! You discover the different ways to monitor and record audio, how to record acoustic and software instruments, how to edit audio and MIDI, and how quantizing works. You also learn about bussing, how to get realistic tape saturation, what is summing and spill, how to mix down and export your project, and a lot more...

So sit back and get ready to discover new analog sounds and workflows with trainer and audio expert Matt Vanacoro. Unlock the power of UAD LUNA now!



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