u-he Releases ACE (Any Cable Everywhere) 1.3 Update

Sporting a number of enhancements such as 200 new presets, new mapping generator and AAX support, version 1.3 looks set to add new tweakability to u-he's popular ACE synth.  

The Berlin based software developer u-he have updated their modular influence synthesizer ACE (Any Cable Everywhere) to version 1.3. On top of the list of changes this version brings are the 200 new presets from Howard Scarr, AAX Support for Pro Tools 10 & 11 and new drawing tools for the mapping generator.

u-he ACE Tweak

Everyone loves presets, right? Well, with version 1.3 of ACE there are now 200 more presets by Howard Scarr to help get your next composition jump started. Ranging from bread-and- butter to outright insane, these presets showcase the diversity sounds ACE is capable of producing.

The UI received some attention with this release, improved text anti aliasing and brightness option allows users to get ACE looking perfect on their monitors. The new oscilloscope setting 'fire' and 'glow' add some over the top visuals effects to the UI - mesmerizing while you are endlessly tweaking your patches.

u-he ACE patch screen.

The 'Tweak' page gained some new features, namely the new drawing tools and options for the mapping generator. The mapping generator is great for adding some of the important characteristics found in analogue synthesizers: per-note tuning irregularities, non-linear modulation curves etc. to a digital emulation of modular synthesizers. The new drawing tools make the ACE mapping generator more flexible and powerful, letting you create unique and individual maps. Down in the corner of the 'Tweak' page is a filter reset button - an oft requested feature.

New in 1.3:

  • 200 new presets by Howard Scarr
  • new oscilloscope options - fire! glow!
  • new mapping generator drawing tools
  • filter reset
  • UI display options improved - brightness options, antialiased text · bug fixes
  • AAX support

Format: VST, VST3, AU, AAX

Price: 69 €


Windows: http://uhedownloads.heckmannaudiogmb.netdna-cdn.com/ACE/ACE13Win.zip Mac: http://uhedownloads.heckmannaudiogmb.netdna-cdn.com/ACE/ACE13Mac.zip

Interested in learning more? Watch these video tutorials from AskVideo on u-he ACE:

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