Tweaking & Morphing Multi-Cycle Wavetables In Xfer Records Serum

With powerful wavetable shaping and editing tools, Serum may be the ultimate wavetable softsynth. Adam Pollard shows you how to get the most out of it.  

Serum is a powerful wavetable synthesizer that's capable of making some awesome sounds. But what is a wavetable, and how do you work with it? In this short video from the course Serum 201: Wavetable Design, Multiplier AKA Adam Pollard is here to show you around Serum's wavetable editor section, and explain how it can help you create unique patches to make your own signature sounds.

Serum lets you not only draw in custom waveshapes but also use multiple cycles - so you're not limited to one pass of one shape, the patch can keep playing across further, different waves. It's also able to morph these together to form much larger, mega-wavetables! Several other tools and shortcuts let you get really creative with how the cycles are selected, edited and blended, resulting in truly unique patches. The rest of the videos in the course give you all the information you need to become a Serum master. 

Watch the full course Serum 201: Wavetable Design in the Ask.Audio AcademymacProVideo | Ask.Video

Serum 201: Wavetable Design

With its built-in editor, Xfer Records Serum allows you to import and edit your own custom wavetables. Learn everything about this advanced technique in this info-packed course by Multiplier!

Wavetable oscillators are the heart of Serum. And unlike many other Wavetable synthesizers, the good thing about Serum is you’re not limited to preset wavetables. You can create an infinite variety… you just have to know how! Thankfully, Adam Pollard (aka Multiplier) is here to reveals everything about this often overlooked feature.

Adam begins by looking at the theory behind wavetables, showing you exactly how they are used in Serum. By importing existing audio files and images, you learn the best workflow strategies to create new morphing waveforms. You’ll also discover how to design new wavetables by resampling the sound, by warping oscillators, and even by using the randomizing feature of the wavetable editor …

So join Adam Pollard as he injects you with the knowledge you need to become “immune” to preset wavetables!

Watch the full course Serum 201: Wavetable Design in the Ask.Audio AcademymacProVideo | Ask.Video

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