Treating Drums With Native Instruments' Solid Mix Series

Want to emulate the much coveted SSL hardware in your music? Mo Volans investigates how to use NI's Solid Mix Series in Guitar Rig to treat drums.  

With the release of Komplete 8 we saw NI introduce a whole host of new toys and amongst them was the Guitar Rig-based Solid Mix Series processors. These emulate much coveted SSL hardware and do a very good job of it, too.

Although you can process anything you like with these little beauties we'll see in this short tutorial how they can be used to spice up your drum group. 

Loading Up The Solid Mix Series

As already mentioned the Solid Mix Series processors are not stand-alone plug-ins but rather extensions to the Guitar Rig system. In fact, you will only be able to run these virtual devices if you are a Guitar Rig owner.

With Guitar Rig open and the Solid Mix Series installed you should probably go to the '

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it would have made a lot more sense to process a real drums, since to me electronic drums are not so noticeable on processing.
The beauty of this process is that it can work on acoustic and electronic drums. Sometimes the processing may not be as noticeable when listening to the results as these are compressed mp3s... but the results, no matter how subtle, are worth reaching for.
Jonathan Schecter
which waves plugins would you call the "similar product"?
Mo Volans
The Waves SSL 4000 Collection. You can check it out here...


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