Traveler Is A Doppler Effect Plugin That Lets You Control The Virtual Movement Of Sounds

Use the Path Editor to control the virtual movement of any sound with this plugin - and much more besides. Here's the lowdown on Traveler from Tonsturm.  

The debut release from new developer Tonsturm is Traveler - a Doppler Effect plugin for Mac OS X, with Windows compatibility coming soon. 

Traveler is a revolutionary, high-spec processor that recreates the Doppler effect in plugin form. Using Traveler’s graphical path editor, you can determine a sound’s virtual movement, and with Duration, Length and Speed parameters, you can customize exactly how it moves in seconds, frames, miles, meters, beats and more units of measurement. But that’s just the start!

As well as live processing, Traveler also has a fully-functioning granular sampler, letting you change the Pitch, Size, Density, Pan, Position and Jitter of sample playback. On the right hand side, you’ll find physical propagation parameters (Air absorption, Attenuation, Doppler Pitch, Damping…) and five full effects (Tremolo, Delay, Distortion, EQ and Compression). As if that wasn’t enough control over the sonic soundscape, Traveler also has four custom shapeable LFOs to assign to the sampler and effects controls too.


  • Graphical Path Editor for very detailed editing of virtual movement
  • Set Duration, Length and Speed in seconds, frames, bars and beats, meters, miles per hour and more (metric and imperial measurements available)
  • 76 Samples and 85 Movement Presets for common tasks and starting points
  • Link two of the Speed, Length and Duration controls to change while the third remains locked
  • Sampler allows for one-shot, looping or granular playback
  • Advanced sampling controls include pitchshifting, panning, positioning and jitter
  • Model physical propagation parameters such as air absorption, stereo width and path curvature
  • Tremolo, Delay, Distortion, EQ and Compression effects
  • Normalization and Master Volume controls finish off the sound-design experience
  • Drag and drop your sounds or record them in live through your DAW
  • Enhanced Pro Tools Audio Suite functionality

Price: $179 introductory price until 01/Aug/2018 ($229 thereafter).


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