Trash Talk: A Guide To Why, When, and How to Reset Logic's Preference Files

Since its earliest incarnations, one of the most common prescriptions for curing Logic of its occasional ills (read: wonky, strange, or seemingly buggy behavior) has been to trash its preference file.  

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Gary Hiebner
Excellent tutorial. You know how many times I have fussed over why something was not working. To realize that all it was was a corrupt preference file.
Rounik Sethi
Nice one Peter! Definitely no trashy talking in this tutorial ;-)
Peter Schwartz
Thanks Gary and Rounik.

Rounik, the only reason I didn't talk trashier in my article is because that MPV editor guy emailed me after submitting my first draft, writing, "My dear man, taking a reasonable approach to troubleshooting is much more preferable than the yelling, screaming, and cursing route." After reading it, I stomped around the studio for a while, throwing my hands up in the air for dramatic effect (and aerobic exercise), sulked for about an hour, maybe two, and only then did I wipe away the tears and get to work on the second draft. Man, it's really hard work writing for these guys...

: - )
Thanks 'ski', this article is packed with good info. Oh, btw, I'm glad you referred to trashing preferences as 'a form of troubleshooting voodoo', which made me chuckle, because there's a certain 'MPV editor guy' who I've seen recommend trashing Logic's preferences a number of times! Well, maybe for him it's more like acupuncture than voodoo! ;-)
Peter Schwartz
I'm pretty sure that...

No, I'm *absolutely* sure, that...

Well, at the very least I'm **pretty darn sure** that Mr. "MPV Editor Guy" (who shall, of course, remain nameless) wasn't entirely unjustified in his recommendations. Even for an editor! Then again, you know what they say, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". But in all honestly -- and all kidding aside -- I can't foist that sentiment upon Mr. Editor, as I've gotten to know him quite a bit over the past few months and he's the furthest things from being an irresponsible sorta guy. So call it voodoo, magic, or technological snake oil, but sometimes it's the most effective Rx.

yeah... the pesky MPV Editor guy -always with the same turbulent, trashy, troubleshooting tricks.

Not sure I'd go for the snake oil or acupuncture analogies... but perhaps I see it more like a detox diet - flush out those bugs!

Leave it to the editor to come up with the most appropriate analogy. Detox diet it is!
nice tutorial. i need to reset my preferences cause logic is doin my head in now. keep gettin prompt about a midi controller ive never used and tried deleting many times.

however i dont have the plist u talk about, only this one

is that any good?


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