Transform Korg volca keys into a Pad & String Machine

Your Korg volca keys can easily make short techno stabs and blippy synth sounds, but it can do more too. G. W. Childs demonstrates how to create pads and strings using this powerful hardware synth.  

When most of us think of the volca line of synthesizers, from Korg, we usually think of short, bouncy, techno, synth sounds. And, electronic drums, of course. Now, this is mostly true. But, volca keys is actually capable of a few forms of sounds that may not be obvious at the start. In this particular tutorial, I'm going to show you how to use volca keys as a Pad/String machine, and even show you a few other tricks to get some additional sound out of your volca keys.

Step 1. Envelope Generator

Before doing anything, let's clear our existing pattern by using the FUNC+Clear ALL command, shown below... I'd also recommend turning down the Feedback knob of the Delay, all the way (not shown). And, setting the Octave Range to 4'. Finally, it might be nice to keep the Cutoff up a little higher, in the VCF section, just to keep things more crisp, and audible.

Pic 1

Now, let's get to some magic. In the EG area of volca keys there are three knobs that play a major importance in the way that volca keys reacts when one of its '

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