Tracktion Joins Forces With Prism Sound To Create Audio Squadron

These two established pro audio developers have come together to push the boundaries of software and hardware. Here's the details.  

SEATTLE, WA (May, 2019) – Tracktion Corporation and 2JW Design are pleased to announce they have joined forces with Prism Sound and SADiE under the umbrella of Audio Squadron to create a dynamic new player in the pro audio market.
The bold, ambitious and revolutionary move to combine the strategy of these market leaders under the canopy of one organization will increase investment and produce a unique shared creative environment.  The resulting pro audio powerhouse brings together ALL the diverse, highly skilled workforces and technical expertise of these renowned global brands enabling them to accelerate innovation, development and the cross fertilization of ideas. Prism Media Products LTD retain the successful test and measurement equipment business and will continue to supply leading manufacturers worldwide.

‘We are excited by the multitude of opportunities offered by this collaboration,’ said James Woodburn, Tracktion co-founder and CEO ‘It is the best of both worlds for Tracktion, 2JW Design, Prism Sound and SADiE. Whilst we remain independent, we can more easily work together to bring renewed focus to delivery of the highest quality audio products.’
Prism Sound founder and Director Graham Boswell enthused, ‘the shared vision of this venture will greatly enhance our ability to accelerate creativity in the design and development of the industry leading audio tools our customers have come to rely on. We’re eager to start working on this exciting new chapter of Prism Sound and SADiE’’s life.’

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