跟踪与动态处理器在Logic Pro

With 24-bit digital recording and better analog to digital converters than ever before, is there any point using dynamic processors when recording? Mike Watkinson examines the benefits.  

常见的做法是录音师录制时使用动态处理。这源于需要最大限度地提高信号信噪比和录制到磁带时,利用现有的余量。与24位的数字记录和模拟数字转换器提供优于120 dB的信号信噪比,这不再是一个优先事项。然而,压缩“的方式”,用噪声门,以最大限度地压缩的潜力仍然被视为良好做法。这部分是控制动态范围,防止裁剪,说,过度热情的歌手。的好处还认为:当混合应用在混合阶段的表现,只是因为是“动态”严重压缩可以揭示便宜外挂插件(如那些来与你的DAW)的性能比漂亮的声音。

在Logic Pro

如果你有足够的钱,你可以购买的硬件,你想记录时,跟踪(或买一个SSL)每通道的动态处理。简单的增加的影响,如噪声门或压缩机在Logic Pro的音频通道,会影响你能听到的音频,但没有什么实际记录。不要忘记,实时逻辑影响工作,你将聆听到每个通道的输出,而不是正在录制的信号。通过插入插件和积极的话,录制后,绕过他们的音频通道的音频录音可以证明这将改变您听到的声音。

The plug-ins on this audio channel will have an effect of what you can hear, but not what is recorded




  1. For each audio track onto which you wish to record, create an auxiliary channel strip (click the plus button on the left hand side of the Mixer or press Option-Command-N with the Mixer in key focus)
  2. Connect the input of each audio channel to an available bus
  3. Connect the output of the auxiliary channel to the same bus. 

The signal enters the Aux channel and is then bussed to the Audio channel to be recorded



逻辑增加了渠道,混频器的方式的一个缺点是,辅助通道被添加录音通道的权利 。对于那些喜欢他们的信号路径流量由左到右,这是错误的方式解决。交换辅助和音频通道的顺序,用鼠标右键单击辅助轨道的头,并选择“创建/选择排列轨道。在Arrange窗口,然后重新排列的曲目,这将重新排列在混频器的轨道。

Re-ordering tracks on the Arrange page re-orders them in the mixer




Effects inserted on the Aux channel




作为设立该路由需要花费一些时间和照顾,这是一个好主意,任何常用的路由设置保存为模板,这样每次你记录鼓(例如),你有一个逻辑Pro项目,准备去内置在动态处理( 文件

A template for recording with dynamics


Mike has been obsessed with music software since he first saw Fairlight's Page-R, and has tracked its development through his work as a performer, composer and producer. As a writer he has contributed articles to Sound On Sound since 1999, and currently writes their Apple Notes column. As well as being a certified Logic Pro and Pro Too... Read More


Yuval Rakavy
What is the benefit in input compression using DAW plugin. If there is a clipping, the clipping is in the A/D component, and compression will not help.
Yes, that is true, however input dynamics processing does allow you to control the dynamics of the audio captured to disk.
Couldn't you just create an input channel strip in the Environment mixer and insert the compressor on it? No need for extra aux tracks.
Yes - you could also use the environment mixer, but many users have never even opened it, as it is not part of the main arrange window. The environment mixer is a powerful place - but perhaps demands a tutorial series of its own.
Magic Fingers
i 2nd that for a tutorial series on everything Environment Mixer... I am one of those users who's barely given the EM any sunlight, but i have seen enough vids lately that have me wanting to tackle it. will search through some of the LogicNinja's old videos to see what i can come up with until then.
@Magic Fingers

What exactly would you like to know? Specifics on the Mixer layer in the Environment (which is very similar to the standard Mixer) or more about the Environment in general?

Another vote here for an entire 'Environment Window/Mixer' tutorial series. I never touch it, in fear of screwing something up.
Your wish is our command... ;-)


We've over 1,200 article on the MPVHub - so much stuff... so do use the search bar for The Hub (not in the search tutorials top bar, which will show video course results).

Now that's what I call service!!
Why thank you! :)
Magic Fingers
Thanks Rounik!

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