TouchKeys Adds Expressive Multi-Touch Sensors To Your MIDI Controller

If you want some of the touch-sensor expressivity of the ROLI Seaboard but with a very familiar keyboard touch and feel, TouchKeys might be for you.  

Imagine being able to transform your current synthesizer or MIDI controller keyboard with a touch sensor, similar to the ROLI Seaboard or any touch screen device so the gesture of your fingers on the keys could be mapped to different expressions, controls or even sounds. 

Well, TouchKeys is a self-install kit that allows you to do exactly that. Or if you prefer not to open up your keyboard controller to install it yourself, TouchKeys is also available as a pre-built instrument with the sensors installed on keyboards from Novation and Doepfer. You can choose any size kit from 13 to 88 keys.

You just need to watch the video below to see how expressive (again in a similar way to the ROLI Seaboard) TouchKeys can be. You can control vibrato, pitch bends, timbre changes and other expressive effects of the sound you play thanks to the high resolution touch surface and the customisable mapping software. 

TouchKeys Main Features 

  • High Resolution: The sensors measure over 1500 points of resolution on the long axis of each key and 256 points on the narrow axis. That’s sub-millimetre accuracy!
  • Low Latency: The sensors are measured every 5 milliseconds for a natural, low-latency interaction.
  • Intuitive Mappings: Mappings between touch and sound are designed to be there when you need them and stay out of your way when you don’t. Mappings are fully customisable.
  • Your Keyboard, Your SizeThe sensors fit any keyboard with full-sized keys, from a 2-octave portable keyboard to a 97-key Boesendorfer Imperial Grand piano. Choose from Classic or Inverted colouring.
  • XY Position: Every key, white or black, senses the horizontal and vertical position of the finger. (The narrow part of the white keys senses on the long axis only.).
  • Multi-Touch: Each key measures up to 3 touches, enabling new multi-finger techniques on the keyboard.
  • Contact Area: Contact area measurement distinguishes between the tip and the pad of the finger, which can be used as an additional control dimension.
  • Connected and CompatibleTouchKeys works with any MIDI synth or instrument, software or hardware. Connect TouchKeys to your computer (Mac, Windows, Linux) or choose the optional standalone hardware kit.

TouchKeys supports standard size keyboards, so those wishing to add multi-touch control to slim key controllers are out of luck at this current time.

[Via: Mike Bailey on FB]

Price: TouchKeys DIY Kit, from £190-£1,082 GBP



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