在Logic Pro中使用的触摸轨道

One of the more unexplored areas of Logic Pro, the Environment, holds some of the most rewarding features. One of these, Touch Tracks, is widely unexplored'¦ until now, thanks to David Earl!  




步骤1 - 建立在环境的触摸轨道


Create a Touch Tracks object


步骤2 - 分配触摸跟踪Arrange窗口


Assign Touch Tracks in the Arrange area

第3步 - 把一些内容

去苹果循环浏览器,并选择一些绿色的Apple Loops拖入Arrange窗口。尝试钢琴,贝司,鼓组合。也许添加合成垫。敲你自己了。

第4步 - 填充触摸轨道


Touch Tracks populated with regions on C3, D3 and E3.

第5步 - 测试出来




第6步 - 尝试一个文件夹


现在整个文件夹,将发挥在触摸曲目单的关键。请记住这个文件夹可以调换,现在作为一个整体,它可以有不同的结果。你需要确保督察鼓轨道, 没有移调

Make sure 'No Transpose' is selected.




  • Groups: any regions or folders assigned to the same group will mute each other when playing back. This is similar to a hi-hat mode, where a closed hi-hat silences an open one.
  • Velocity: At 100%, your velocity will increase or decrease the velocity of the entire region. When set to ‘off’, the region plays exactly as it was created in the Arrange window.
  • Trigger: This Determines whether the region loops, toggles, or behaves as a gate when the key is released.
  • Start: Always be on the beat when you trigger a region, or leave it free.

虽然触摸轨道可以稍微challenginglike一个延消息,因为你发布一个关键地区结束前... (awkward!),也可以是一个很大的乐趣。我强烈建议和他们一起玩。

David writes music for all media including advertising, branding, movies, television, and games. He works for such clients as Sega, LucasArts, Microsoft Game Studios, Landor and Associates, Beyond Pix, Rich Pageant, and Nextel. He also teaches at an Apple Certified training facility in San Francisco called Pyramind and has long bee... Read More


Gary Hiebner
Great tip. Sounds like Touch Tracks can be used to try out different arrangement ideas on the fly. Can't wait!
How does the routing of the touch track device suppose to work? It would seem a common thing to do as with transformers etc... I haven't been able to get a positive result from the steps you provided nor any additional steps I provided... something simple I am missing here?
Hi jamr,

If you follow all the steps above this should work great. Some things to remember:

- Make sure the "Touch Tracks" track is selected in the Arrange area.

- Logic's Transport must be running for this to work as Touch Tracks is a "real-time" Environment component. Hit play!

- Ensure you are pressing the correct keys on your MIDI keyboard/capslock keyboard that correspond to the notes which you have dragged the MIDI regions (or Green Apple Loops) onto in the Touch Tracks window.

Hope this helps

The routing of the Touch Tracks object as shown is a bit different than how you would normally route a transformer object.

If you would like to trigger the Touch Tracks object within the environment, try routing from a keyboard object, or create a button and reassign the output from controller values to note values and have those note values match the corresponding touch track notes.

Also, do make sure you are in play, as all objects in the environment widow receive their timing only when Logic's clock is running.

If you provide some details as to what you have tried, I will try to address your issues tomorrow.

"Something simple" just likes to play me like a slapped ass. I was populating the touch track itself and was wondering why the apple loops turned white when I dragged to the assignment window. Also the track mixer disappeared. :) After I wrote the reply, I left and made some popcorn. When I got back, I was slapped by the step 4 diagram and realized what I had done. After I assigned one of the other tracks to the touch track of course all worked just like you said it would. Happy day.

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