Top Producers Say New Music Controller, Touché, Enables Emotion, Passion & Sensitivity

Without giving too much away Expressive E have released another teaser video about their upcoming Touché controller featuring a host of famous producers (talking about it).  

Featuring Adrian Utley (Portishead), John Baggott (Massive Attack), Matt Robertson (Bjørk) and Rone, this video give some new clues about the Touché in their own words before it is fully revealed during the NAMM Show in a few days time.

Here's some interesting quotes from the video:

"It's an interesting way to match up gestures with sound control."

"I like the fact you can trigger things and make rhythms immediately, very quickly."

"It's a very sensitive thing. Normally you're twisting knobs or filters. With Touché you can run your hands over the top and gently... there's many, many different ways."

"It allows you to put more emtotion and expression into your playing, which is everything."

We’re very curious to know more about anything to do with music controllers, of course… and conrol with expression is al the rage. So, we’re naturally interested to know more about the Touché.

Stay tuned!

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