Despite there being so many DJ mixers available to suit all budgets, there are just a handful of mixers you'll find at clubs. Here are the top 5 most common ones you'll actually encounter in the wild.  

Canadian DJ/Producer and Tokyo music scene alumni, Rennie Foster has released on some legendary techno labels, like Laurent Garnier's F-Communications and Derrick May's Transmat. After 2 full length albums, a prolific discography of singles, and success with his underground anthem "Devil's Water", Rennie continues to produce for top la... Read More


Great Article ... as a Xone:DB4 user at home, I always wish I could find them when playing out. As a point of note, when Pete Tong comes to Vancouver, he usually plays on my mixer - and I mean my actual mixer, which I bring to the club for him - because it's the only Xone:DB4 in Vancouver apparently. T's lucky for Pete that we're friends ... ;)

If money was no object I feel all clubs would use this mixer because there's no mixer out there that produces the "big club sound" as well as this one does - there's just something about the way it colors the sound that is perfect.

But the reality is for $$$ and durability, the Pioneer is champ. That's why we see it so much now ...
Cheers! See what I'm saying about these Allen & Heath owners! They are fanatical. Real right though, if I could choose any mixer in the game right now, it would be the DB4. Not for anything about the sound, to me most high end mixers sound incredible. Even my Behringer DDM400 is 24bit digital, just perfect clean sound. I am a Detroit techno head, not an audiophile, I want to be able to deconstruct the sound, and get creative. Cut stuff apart, or blend it smoothly and use hypnotic and subtle effects, to be spontaneous and creative in the mix. That's the stuff I love personally, and the DB4 is just crazy in this direction to me. I doesn't mean I remix every song or anything, sometimes all that activity can be subtle and just details. Anyway.. great mixer. I want it! I love my DDM400 though, so I'm not sweating it. Happy you liked the article! Peace - RF

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