Top 10 Highlights from NAMM 2015

Another NAMM has passed (and we still have videos from the show to share with you!!) Here's 10 products and events that we enjoyed the most from this year's NAMM (most with our video coverage too).  

The list below is arranged in alphabetical order!

NAMM 2015: Akai Professional Advance Series Controllers (Video)

We dropped in to the Akai Pro booth at NAMM 2015 to get an in-depth video tour of their new Advance Series Keyboard controllers to find out exactly how well this system works with their VIP software.

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NAMM 2015: Arturia AudioFuse (Video) 

One of the most highly anticipated announcements at NAMM 2015 was the introduction of Arturia's new audio interface, AudioFuse. We took a closer look at it in this video from the show floor.

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NAMM 2015: Arturia BeatStep Pro: Bigger, Better and Hands-On (Video)

The BeatStep is a capable controller... but Arturia had ideas on how to make it even better. Enter the BeatStep Pro. We talked with Arturia about the new hardware controller and took some video too.

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NAMM 2015: Blue Microphones Hummingbird (Video)

The new microphone form Blue is a Cardioid condenser capsule based on the heralded Blue Bottle B1 capsule with a 180 degree rotating head to make repositioning it a breeze. Here's our video from NAMM.

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NAMM 2015: Focusrite Clarett Audio Interfaces, Thunderbolt, New Preamps (Video)

Focusrite announce Clarett Range of Thunderbolt interfaces which they tell us are the best sounding, fastest Thunderbolt audio interfaces in the world. We caught up with Joe Lawton to tell us more.

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NAMM 2015: Gibson Les Paul Monitors (Video)

The release of new studio reference monitors at NAMM were given some color with the new Les Paul range from Gibson. We talked with them on video to find out more.

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NAMM 2015: Korg Arp Odyssey (Video)

Korg told us their remake of the Arp Odyssey has gained the most interest so far at NAMM... no surprises there... so we got Rick from Korg to give us a full demo in this video.

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NAMM 2015: New Novation Launchpad Pro with Thavius Beck Live Video

On the eve of NAMM 2015, AskAudio Mag got a sneak peek at the new Novation Launchpad Pro including a video interview and demo from musician and performer, Thavius Beck.

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NAMM 2015 Video: Welcome to Classic Synth Heaven

Yamaha have been at the fore-front of making synths that have pushed the boundaries of what musicians and artists for the past 40 years and our exclusive video lets you see and hear more.

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NAMM 2015: Universal Audio Introduces New Apollo Expanded Software

Powerful new software provides “mix and match” operation between Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo audio interfaces, new UAD plug-ins, and a reimagined Console 2.0 interface with more new features.

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I can't believe that the Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 announcement was not mentioned by MPV or AskAudio during NAMM!
Hi Lurch, the Omnisphere 2 announcement happened when we didn't have our excellent camera man on hand... NAMM is HUGE, and it's just not possible to be everywhere at once. Rest assured we'll give this full proper coverage as soon as I've recovered and returned home from traveling... certainly we were upset not to have been there to speak to Eric first-hand about this :-)
Yes, as a long time exhibitor/visitor I understand how big NAMM is and that you can't see everything! My comment was a bit tongue in cheek as no DOUBT you will be covering Omnisphere 2 quite a bit in the coming weeks. Keep up the fantastic work!
JT Red
I have really enjoyed your coverage of NAMM 2015. I'm looking forward to your post-NAMM reviews, too.

That said, I am most interested in you doing an in-depth review of Arturia's Audio Fuse, since I'm in the market for a new audio interface.
Great job! I wish it was a top 50! I wanted to go to NAMM, but im not media related...

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