Todd-AO Absentia DX Automatically Removes Hums & Defects From Voice Recordings

This is an interesting tool for editing audio and vocals especially. Absentia DX is designed for those with spoken word recording that want to have unwanted hums and artifacts removed automatically.  

So you want an intelligent algorithm that removes unwanted sounds, hums and harmonics from that audio recording you've got... and yo want it to require as little input from you as possible? In a nutshell that's what Absentia DX claims it is able to do for you. Very interesting!

Los Angeles, California -- (January 4th, 2017) -- Todd-AO ® the legendary Hollywood post-production studio, has released Absentia DX™, an intelligent algorithm that simply, transparently and automatically removes obvious defects from production sound or human voice recordings. 

Developed for network television post-production, Absentia DX has eliminated repetitive manual labor by intelligently removing Hums, Harmonics, RF / Wireless Noise, Ticks, and Broadband Noise. Sound Editors and Re-Recording Mixers now have more time to focus on creativity.

Key Features and Benefits of Absentia DX

  • Automated
  • Simple, no expertise required
  • Batch drag and drop files or folders for processing
  • Transparent, the human voice retains its natural integrity
  • ABDX files are interchangeable with the original recordings
  • All Metadata is maintained
  • Hum removal is incredible
  • No artifacts
  • Price $49 per single seat license

At Todd-AO, we know post-production sound. Every minute counts in the cutting room and on the dub stage. ABDX cleans the obvious, eliminates repetitive labor, and frees up time for creative challenges. Throughout 2016 it was tested on network shows.


System Requirements: Apple Mac OSX 10.8 and above

Price: $49

For more information please visit:



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