TipTop Audio Records Release New Modular Synth Artist Compilation

Is modular synthesis your thing? TipTop Audio (who also make module synthesizers) have released a new compilation on vinyl and digital showcasing an intoxicating blend of top modular synth artists.  

Interested? Of course you are... it's great to have a record label focusing on music made using modular synths. Here's what TipTop Audio Records have told us about their new release on vinyl and digital formats.

Tiptop Audio Records 

The creation of the label consolidates a path that connects its instruments with the best electronic music composers of the moment. All projects that fit within the label are the result of direct experimentation of modules. The connection between the components creates sounds that are unique and unrepeatable. 

"The modular synthesizer represents the possibility to build your own sound from a basic wave, up to the most complex chain of elements. The sound is alive. The sequence of loops are never identical as the approach to the machine is physical. Connections are visible and not obscured by a display. The user is preset free and is able to construct an original patch every time.” Piero Fragola A&R Tiptop Audio Records 

TTAR V.A. 002 (2016) 

With: Matt Lange, Angle, Joao Ceser, Markus Fix, Black Shape, Drumcell & Luis Flores, Hubot, Florian Meindl, John Tejada, Scanner, M.O.T., Riemann. 

The second issue of Tiptop Audio Records attests to the label’s attitude towards developing a nuanced sound set to become a standard for production. The line-up for Tiptop Records includes big names of a scene now described as ‘Modular Techno’, which consists of a fast growing group of artists interested in expanding their compositional techniques through modular synthesizer systems. 

The vinyl format is a testimony to the label’s dedication to produce music in a physical form. The result is a four side, double LP packaged in original artwork (including a special poster) by Italian artist Matteo Giampaglia, with handmade lettering by Caterina Scardillo. It is an invitation to a territory of oscillations, and a trip of 10 (+ 2 extra digital) tracks that reconsiders the concept of sound design applied to electronic club music. 

The teaser video samples the vibes of the new issue's inherent contagion. Videos for the individual tracks are set to follow by a fresh roster of new talent.

Tiptop Audio Records - Various Artists 002 - Official Teaser from Tiptop Film on Vimeo.


A side: Matt Lange - Qvcamx/ Angle - Time portraits
The first groove introduces Matt Lange’s track, an American producer who has joined up with DeadMau5 on Mau5trap. This intense 8 minute track is sustained by an immersion of rhythm full of atmosphere.
The Angle project is known for the development of audio-video combinations in their performance. They produced a club track rich in melodic sequences, perfectly balanced in a nonlinear fashion. 

B side: Joao Ceser - System Failure/ Markus Fix - Texter
Joao Ceser is presently one of the leading figures in Italy of modular techno. His track, System Failure, builds an inevitable dance floor trap from which you can not escape.
The following track is Texter by Markus Fix of Sven Vath’s Cocoon. It takes us into a nocturnal atmosphere, reminiscent of ‘Blade Runner’. 

C side: Black Shape - Doom Room/ Drumcell & Luis Flores - Submission of Thought/ Hubot - Riz 7
Black Shape makes its debut on Tiptop Audio Records with a track with an acid bass line featuring the dobro guitar played by Fabrizio Canale and vocals by Piero Fragola. The track exemplifies the theme and intentions of this project. Drumcell (of Chris Liebing’s CLR) and Luis Flores pump out a distorted sound with an industrial flavour that drastically changes the atmosphere to a state of ecstatic proportions. Hubot takes us back to a club vibe with a groovy yet dark sound driven by a relentless sequence of beats. 

D side: Florian Meindl - Operating Temperature/ John Tejada - Fourier Tranform/ Scanner - Valbor
Florian Meindl opens the last side of the release with a fast-paced rhythm and a syncopated sound texture defined by harmonic sequences. John Tejada (artist of Germany’s Kompakt Records) turns the table with a melodic mind trip, keeping in focus the weaving of sounds and the bass line. Lastly, Scanner closes the compilation with an avant-garde orchestration, endorsing the ambition of the label to seek new sonic territory. 

The issue also includes 2 extra digital tracks: 

M.O.T - Look inside/ Riemann - Riemann LIVE -1 

Web: http://tiptoprec.com/

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