Tips For Creating Perfect Melodies For Hip Hop Trap

Take a trip into Trap with Atlanta producer Booker Edwards as he breaks down how to create melodies and sequences that embody the very essence of this hip hop style.  

Hip Hop has evolved in many different directions and Trap is one of the most intense. In this short video from Atlanta Trap producer Booker Edwards taken from the Hip Hop Trap course, you’ll see how using specific types of melodies and chord progressions is crucial to nailing that Trap sound and feel. Using his experience of Trap producton, Booker shows how to strip things down to the very essentials to get a lean and mean character for your tracks. 

Breaking a track down into its constituent parts, you’ll see how to separate out instruments into different frequencies so that each one has its own space in the mix, as well as how melodies and beats can complement and work with each other to come together to fill out the finished track. Get down and dirty with the essentials of Trap!

Watch the complete course Dance Music Styles 113 – Hip Hop Trap.

Dance Music Styles 113 – Hip Hop Trap

Here’s Booker Edwards to take you on a step-by-step journey into the urban world of Hip Hop Trap. He tears this dangerous genre apart exposing its gritty elements and then builds it back up again revealing it in its full dance music glory. Along the way, you learn all about its themes, sound design and songwriting elements. Booker also dives into the urban production techniques where you learn how to recreate the beat patterns, melodies and chord progressions that set this genre apart.

So join dance music producer Booker Edwards with his unique urban take on Hip Hop Trap and be sure to watch every course in our Dance Music Styles series.

Watch the complete course Dance Music Styles 113 – Hip Hop Trap.




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