Time + Space Offering Free AAS Plugin Bundle With Every Purchase During April 2019

Time + Space are giving away a high quality AAS Richard Devine Sound Design Plugin Bundle WORTH: £58/€65/$78 FREE with any paid purchase in April. Here's how to get it.  

Time + Space is offering a great promotional deal during April 2019 - buy any product at all and get a free AAS sound design plug-in bundle worth $78 completely free by simply choosing to add it during checkout. Here's more about the plugins and the deal.
AAS Abstractions Ultra Analog VA-2 Sound pack
Abstractions is a collection of 127 signature sounds covering standard analog categories but revisited with Richard Devine’s unique style and aesthetics.

AAS Harmonic Geometry String Studio VS-2 Sound pack
With Harmonic Geometry, Richard Devine explores AAS string modelling synthesiser in all its facets.

(Please note that all the presets included in this bundle can be used in the free AAS Player Plugin (VST, AU, AAX, RTAS) as well as AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 for Abstractions and String Studio VS-3 for Harmonic Geometry).

How to obtain the free bundle

First visit www.timespace.com, then simply add any product with a value to your basket, you will then be asked whether you would like to add the free bundle too, make your choice and when you proceed from the shopping cart to checkout, the price of the bundle in your cart will be reduced to zero.

Learn more about sound design and plugins: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=new-releases

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