Tim Exile's Endlesss Aims To Bring The Joy Back To Music-Making

Musician and technologist Tim Exile has been working on something secret. Endlesss aims to bring the joy back to music making, and early sign ups are available now.  

Endlesss was founded in 2017 by musician and music technologist Tim Exile. Since the start of the millenium Tim has had numerous releases as a recording artist while travelling the world as a live performer and TED speaker.

"Through countless conversations with artists he learned that like him many musicians get 
stuck in joyless perfectionism under the pressure to create finished tracks. Some turn away from music- making completely. Tim felt passionately that this was wrong, that musical creativity should bring joy to creators and listeners alike and is intrinsically valuable regardless of
 what’s made.

Inspired by this, Tim developed his own instrument, the ‘Flow Machine’, allowing him to throw off the shackles of the music industry’s expectations and immerse himself in the flow of making music in the moment. What he discovered was life-changing: when the pressure to achieve good results is designed out and enjoyment is designed in, the results magically improve.

Determined to share this with the world, Tim founded Endlesss with the aim of putting enjoyment back at the centre of the creative experience. Over the last 2 years we have been prototyping, testing and learning. We’re still in the lab but we’re getting close to bringing something quite special to music makers and listeners."

Web: https://endlesss.fm

Early access signup available from 2PM, Thursday 12th July 2018 

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