TILT Show How They Produced new hit, Falling Again, in Logic Pro

Legendary hit-makers, TILT, propel you deep into the production of their new release 'Falling Again.' Follow along as they deconstruct their creative process in these Logic-based production videos.  

Nic Britton and Mick Park '"the creative force behind TILT'" are two of the most innovative producers/DJs in the scene today. In this 20-tutorial course, they take turns explaining their hit-making trade secrets. Watch, hear and learn their innovative electronic music and recording techniques for designing drums, percussion, bass lines, melody and vocals. Then see their cool synth strategies, in-depth breakdown tips and FX techniques that you can replicate in your own electronic dance tracks. 

Watch this video on layering basslines from the course:

This is followed by a collection of tutorials that peel away the mystical layers of the mix down and mastering prep process. So plug in your headphones, kick back and enjoy the incredible dance music knowledge infusion that Nic and Mick inject into each one of the 20 tutorials in this course as they deconstruct their latest tune"Falling Again".

Falling Again - Deconstructed

Watch the entire course here: (It's well worth it!!)


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