This Video Shows What’s Inside Ableton Push 2 - Fascinating Tear Down

How well engineered is Ableton Push 2? Ableton take such care with how it looks and works with Live 9... but how well is it arranged and put together internally? This tear down video shows just that.  

In this video teardown by Markus Fuller, we get a chance to see how to open up a Push 2 and void your warranty - but more interestingly, what’s inside the Push 2 and whether the parts are constructed with as much quality and precision as they look to be from the outside.

Who better to ask these questions and discover the answers than perennial synth-opening and repairing Markus Fuller - who leaves (virtually) no chip unturned to see what’s inside Push 2.

Jump to 1:40 to get to the opening up and looking side part of the video:

Spoiler alert… one of my favourite bits from the video above is seeing the signatures of the Push 2 team on the inside of the case. Very cool:

Signatures of the Push 2 team

Signatures of the Push 2 team

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