This Video Shows How Maschine 2.7's New Audio Module Changes Everything

The new real-time audio time stretching capabilities in Maschine 2.7 are simply going to change everyone's Maschine workflow for the better. This video demonstrates the power of the new audio module.  

It's what we've all been waiting for. Many Maschine users have been crying out for real-time audio timer stretching for a while now. And since we reported on the upcoming Maschine 2.7 update coming mid-December, we've all been pretty excited to see how the new audio module translates into real-world workflow. 

The good news is you can jump on the BETA now to try it out for yourself. And, to continue the good news Loopop has beaten everyone else to the punch with a very useful and well explained video on his top 3 audio features for this update for Maschine software.

Make no mistake. If you've been considering an Akai Pro MPC X or MPC Live, or an Ableton Push 2, your choices need to include Maschine as well. Sure, there are differences between all three of the above. Some of the differences might make you lean to one over the others. But judging by what we've seen is possible with Maschine 2.7 if you ever had a gripe with it lacking audio features that time is well and truly over. Indeed, it looks seamless to do quite complex functions you'd normally have gone to your software DAW to perform. Everything from stretching audio to adjusting pitch, speed, doubling loops, recording and arpeggiating audio samples.

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