This Video Reveals Secret Filter Mode On Arturia MicroBrute Synthesizer

Alfie Eastwick, a MicroBrute owner, recently posted this video on YouTube showing how an unintentional position on the Filter Mode switch results in a rather cool cross between Bandpass and Lowpass.  

One of Arturia MicroBrute’s most appreciated features is the Steiner-Parker filter featuring, HP, BP and LP modes. In this video by Alfie Eastwick, you’ll see how to engage a secret filter mode… well, we don’t think this was intentional from the Arturia crew. But, this “secret” filter mode is a cross between LP and BP and sounds kind of cool with a vowel-style effect.

In case you think this might be specific to Alfie’s MicroBrute, it appears to be the case with many others. Some MicroBrute owners reporting you can balance the filter mode switch between HP and BP to get some “high pitch blips with the resonance.”

Here’s how Alfie Eastwick described his discovery:

“so for the ppl who cba watching the whole video if you push the switch halfway between LP and BP then you get a weird filter that sounds a bit low passy but less resonant and more vowel-like, i.e. it absolutely sounds like a guy going owowowow anyway yeah have fun”

Secret Filter mode on Arturia MicroBrute.

Secret Filter mode on Arturia MicroBrute.

According to the schematics at HackaBrute this secret filter mode basically connects the audio to both the low pass and band pass inputs.  

So, now your MicroBrute has 4 filter modes and they all sound good ;-)


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