This Video Explores Moog's Minimoog Model D's Oscillator Section In Depth

If you're considering purchasing the Moog Minimoog Model D analog synthesizer it pays to hear the oscillators and understand more about the waveforms they generate and what they sound like.  

In this 5 minute video, taken from the complete course Minimoog Model D - Explaind & Explored, Rishabh Rajan demonsrates how to use the three oscialltors on Moog Music's re-issue and updated version of the Minimoog classic synthesizer.

Rishabh takes you through the different wave forms generated by each oscillator so you can hear and see them using an on-screen oscilloscope. Every waveform type generated by the Minimoog Model D reissue is explored, from triangle to sawtooth to square to pulse.




Watch all the video from the course on Minimoog Model D here in the AskAudio Academy.



About the Course


Is there a more famous synth on the planet? We don’t think so. And there’s a reason for that: It sounds awesome! In this course, synth expert Rishabh Rajan takes you on an expertly guided tour of the Minimoog Model D.

You learn about its signal flow, its layout, its modulators and controllers, and how this synth generates its classic sound. You also see what's new in this version of the “D” including the new CV integration. You also get a cool series of tutorials on designing fat bass sounds and those soaring, square wave leads.

This Minimoog Model D remake stays faithful to the original design and sound of the original Minimoog that was manufactured from 1970-1981. In fact, the original sound engine is completely intact and no changes have been made to the signal path. So whether you’ve got a new Model D or a real classic, this course will help you master this wonderful Robert Moog synth!


Watch all the video from the course on Minimoog Model D here in the AskAudio Academy.


Listen to Adrian Utley from Portishead demonstrate how they used the Minimoog to create the wonderful synth sounds from their atmospheric cover of Abba's SOS:


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