This Video Explores Akai MPC Live's Connectivity Options & Rear Panel

Hooking up computers, audio feeds and even turntables to your MPC Live requires some familiarity with the rear panel. Booker Edwards Jr is here to help you out.  

The Akai Pro MPC Live is one of the most exciting sequencing / performance tools on the market right now. In this 3 minute video, MPC expert Booker Edwards Jr gives you a hands-on tour of the rear panel of this powerful device, taking you through each of the connections and ports and explaining what they are for.

With multiple MIDI and USB ports as well as SD card slot, phono, ground and several audio ins and outs, you'll see that you wont be stuck for ways to get audio, MIDI and other kinds of data into and out of the MPC Live. With your connections up and running, move on to the other videos in the course for a complete guide to how the interface and other features work!

Watch the full course MPC Live 101: Learn MPC Live in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

MPC Live 101: Learn MPC Live

The MPC Live is a standalone music production center in the true sense of the word: no computer is required, and with the internal rechargeable battery, you don’t even have to be tied to an electrical outlet either! With its gorgeous 7” multi-touch display and 16 amazingly responsive pads, it really begs to be played, tweaked and programmed. In this in-depth 27-tutorial course, renowned MPC specialist Booker Edwards explains in great details all features of this incredible music production center.

Booker starts with a detailed look at the MPC live hardware, where you learn everything about its pads, buttons, knobs, touch-sensitive display, and rear panel. After this in-depth tour of the interface, Booker shows you how to use templates and projects, how to import and edit samples, and how sequencing and arranging works. You also learn some very cool automation and mixing tips, and you discover how to do DAW-style audio recording, editing and wrapping, and more... Of course, this course wouldn't be complete without live performance tips and tricks, and there's plenty of them inside!

So fire up your MPC Live hardware and join Booker Edwards in this video manual, and learn how to use this amazing beat-creation machine to its full potential!

Watch the full course MPC Live 101: Learn MPC Live in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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