This Stranger Things Cover On Dreadbox Medusa Is One Of The Best We've Heard

This might not be an exact tone for tone, waveform for waveform cover, but this interpretation of the Stranger Things main theme and Eleven's theme made on Medusa is extremely listenable.  

It feels like there's almost as many covers of the now iconic Stranger Things theme  music as there are viewers of the series. Almost 3 years ago after the first series became a hit we showed you how to cover the Stranger Things theme music using u-he's Diva software synthesizer plugin.

Well, we're happy to hold our hands up after watching the latest video showcasing what the Dreadbox and Polyend Medusa is capable of on this score. Miltos Schimatariotis plays Eleven's theme and then seamlessly moves into playing the main theme. Trust us, it sounds great and is well worth a watch:

All sounds in the video are made with the Medusa only, with the addition of effects and especially Byome which helps a lot in the background atmosphere. A little processing was done in Cubase.

Here's what Schimatariotis says about the making of the video:

"At first, I decided what parts of the soundtrack I was going to cover and roughly planned the arrangement. Then I started designing the sounds on the Medusa. That was probably the most entertaining part but also the most challenging because for the creation of the original tracks the composers had a lot more gear in their disposal. But since I have decided to restrict myself to only one synth, the Medusa, I ended up just creating sounds that sounded good to me without necessarily replicating the originals. So I would say that this is a free cover and not a replication. (especially Eleven's theme is way different from the original). The other restriction I wanted to add in the process is that I wanted to have as few sounds as possible in order to not over-complicate things and to be able to visualize almost everything in the video.

"So, after making a rough version I started the final recordings. I was recording the audio part and the video part simultaneously, the audio in Cubase and the video in my Pocophone F1 smartphone with Filmic Pro app. The difficult part here was that I had to name the takes every time for the video file and the audio clips in order to not lose track of what I was going to use in the final product (I used DaVinci Resolve). So the clips you see in the video are corresponding to the same audio recordings you hear. The only exception is the pad at the intro which was double tracked and panned left right, so there I used only one video clip.

"I have mixed/mastered the track in Cubase and I had in mind to not over-process the sounds of Medusa, so I have mostly the necessary EQing and compression. The effects (reverbs-delays) are all routed in parallel. The main effect processor I used was Unfiltered Audio Byome and some patches make use of the beautiful Carmen collection from patchpool/Simon Stockhausen."

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