This Secret Hack Turns The Arturia MicroBrute Into A Paraphonic Synth!

Imagine being able to play two notes simultaneously on Arturia's monophonic MicroBrute synth. Imagine no longer! Here's how you can do it, and it's surprisingly easy!  

If you thought the capable and cute (with a gritty sonic punch) Arturia MicroBrute was a monophonic synthesizer you'd technically be correct. However, Ziv Eliraz contacted us today as he's discovered a neat trick to turn any Arturia MicroBrute into a paraphonic synth. Strictly speaking, it's duophonic. That is, you'll be able to play two independent notes simultaneously.

In this 6 minute video you'll discover how to make the impossible possible. Two voices from the MicroBrute:

Initially Ziv uses a techniuqe via the Arturia KeyStep to send his left hand played notes via MIDI cable to the MicroBrute's main oscillator. The right hand notes are being sent through CV pitch out to the filter resonance and generating a single voice on the MicroBrute.

Don't despair if you don't have an Arturia KeyStep MIDI controller (though honestly, it's such a great controller we're not sure why it isn't being talked about more). It is possible to implement this duophonic trick using the MicroBrute's built-in sequencer too. All details and instructions are in the video above.

Kudos to Ziv Eliraz for sharing this excellent trick with us and you via AskAudio!

Follow Ziv's Youtube channel: loopop

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In keeping the Radio Massacre Int. ethos, I discovered that my Mini and Microbrutes both make very handy polyphonic Midi controllers. You have one voice on your synth but the Midi out will push full polyphony on any poly module or synth you plug into.

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