This Ridiculous Video Shows How To Turn Toilet Paper Into Music

Ben Wonder is on a roll... quite literally... as this video on using toilet paper to create music has gone viral. Just watch it...  

There's a number of ways to get sounds for your music tracks these days. Most DAWs come with samplers and samples and virtual instruments. Then there's hardware synths and drum machines you could sample... and of course the found sound movement urge you to record your own unique sounds and use them, or mould them, into sounds.

Bet you've never though of using a toilet paper roll as your sampled "instrument" though. Well, that's what Ben Wonder has done. He's becoming a bit of a genius at creating music from sounds made from unusual objects.

If nothing else, this techqniue could save you shelling out cash on another sample pack... or it might not.

In this video Ben Wonder is using FL Studio as the DAW to sequence and manipulate the sounds... and a humble toilet paper roll to create all the sounds. Impressive.

We would suggest checking with those you share your home with before using the toilet in your studio. Nobody likes going to the bathroom to find the toilet roll gone after all...

[Via: Ben Wonder on Facebook]

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