This Reimagined Stylophone Is A Portable Analog Synth With Attitude

The mention of stylophone may not turn your head as much as mention of a portable analog synthesizer. This new Gen X1 synth from Dubreq looks and sounds pretty awesome.  

The original stylophone synths from the 60s were basically tiny analog synths with a circuit board you'd play using a stylus. Now while Steve Jobs was dead against the stylus for the personal computer, there's something about using a stylus for a synthesizer that is engaging. Nay, enticing perhaps.

Well, whatever your feelings  on the matter, Dubreq have announced a new stylophone synth for 2017. The Stylophone GEN X-1 is their latest portable analogue synthesizer and will be released in May. 

There's no pricing info yet, but you can register your interest with no commitment to pay on the Dubreq site for a 20% discount when it is launched. 

Specs are scarce. But essentially, this portable analog synthesizer runs on batteries, has a built-in speaker and has one LFO with square and triangle waves. And it's capable of some pretty cool sounds.

We hope to have more details at NAMM where Dubreq are debuting the Gen X1.

The Gen-X1, we're told, is from the stylophone range that's sold over 4 million units since 1968. 




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They're great little things, aren't they? They're great little things, aren't they?

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