This Reaktor Multi-Effect Beautifies Audio With Looping, Layering & Pitch Shifting

Mirror, Mirror on the wall which is the fairest audio of them all? We'd all love the mirror to say our audio tracks are the most beautiful... and this Reaktor effect, Processed, wants to make it be.  

Aside from having a fresh / wacky interface, Processed aims to transform your tracks from what they are into pageant-winning, sonically sexy, beautiful audio. Here's how it works and what it does according to Kris Keogh:

Processed is designed for real-time use, to transform and beautify a live audio input (or pre-recorded samples) via processing, looping, pitch shifting and layering. 

I created this ensemble to process my harp playing; to build thick, fluid, glitched and evolving walls of sound from a single, pure sound source. It sounds glitchy, due to the granular pitch shifting and lack of any smoothing when engaging the loops. I love it like that, if you cringe at the sound of digital pops and clicks, this ensemble might not be for you... (listen to the harp in Processed here).

You just play a dry signal into it and out comes (hopefully) thick, lush sound. For me, it sounds best with slow melodic/harmonic sound sources, rather than rhythmic source material. That said, do whatever you want, this is the whole point of sharing this ensemble.

Has a switchable Stereo-Out mode for live use or 16-Outs mode for multitracking to your DAW. 

(Fully documented, 15-page PDF manual included.)




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