This Posing DJs Tumblr Site Is A Must-See

DJs are perhaps more guilty than most entertainers for taking cheesy posing promo shots. This website has catalogued some of the better ones.  

The life path of a DJ isn't an easy one. Snubbed by musicians for not playing traditional musical instruments. Looked down upon by producers for thinking that mixing involves only two tracks. Then there's club goers that will empty the dance floor if the DJ doesn't play their favorite happy house track. Others spill their drinks on the DJ equipment in the process of taking the ultimate selfie... the list goes on.

Anyway. It's a hard life. And becoming a recognized DJ, especially in today's auto beat-matching digital world, is also becoming more challenging. After all, being a DJ isn't just about the music and the energy on the dance floor, it's also about image and perception. Standing out from the crowd requires a keen sense of style combined with a fairly big ego and a friend with a decent camera.

And so Posing DJs, the Tumblr site dedicated to some of the most chuckle-worthy promo photos of DJs in existence, was born. And long may it continue. Only check it out if you find photos of DJs posing of interest.

If nothing else, it might give you an idea on what to do, or not do, for your next publicity photo shoot.

Editor's Note: We at AskAudio do not condone anyone disparaging DJs for being DJs. On the contrary we believe that DJs are an integral part of the DJ community and the art and skill of DJing is a serious one. That's why our DJ & Performing video courses are highly recommended:




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