This Portable USB Interface Adds MIDI To Your Analog & Eurorack Synths

The new DSP Synthesizers USB-MIDI2CV is an interface not much bigger than a cable that brings the world of USB MIDI to your old analog synths and eurorack systems. And it's affordable too.  

Jan Ostman of DSP Synthesizers has dabbled with tiny solutions for musicians with his Tiny-TS synthesizer a truly miniature but playable synth. And now he's created something small but very useful for studio musicians looking to hook up their DAWs to their analog synths and eurorack systems that don't have MIDI.

Jan contacted us to let us know more about the DSP Synthesizers USB-MIDI2CV which he is now selling on his website for $40.

If you have an Analog synth without MIDI or a Eurorack synthesizer you might get into trouble trying to connect it to your favorite DAW. Not any more. It's just a matter of having the right cable.

The DSP Synthesizers USB-MIDI2CV adds MIDI to your analog synth or eurorack from a USB-MIDI interface. And it works from any computer/phone/tablet.

DSP Synthesizers USB-MIDI2CV


  • USB-HID compliant, no drivers required
  • Volt/octave 5 octaves output for notes with pitchbend on CH1
  • Hz/volt 4 octaves output with pitchbend on CH2
  • 5 volt gate/S-trig output for key on/off
  • Dual drumtrigger output on CH10
  • 3.5mm jacks for CV/Gate
  • Micro-USB jack for computer/phone/tablet 

Available now at $40 from

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