This Online Computer Program Composes Music Faster Than You Can Launch Your DAW

Jukedeck uses AI to compose new music in your internet browser in a variety of genres in 30 seconds or less for free... and it's scarily good.  

If you read AskAudio on a regular basis you’ll know that AI (artificial intelligence) has been making serious waves for all aspects of music production, from composing to arranging to mastering. Much of this tech happens in our music making software and has been happening for a while.

Of late, services like LANDR amongst others have shown us that, albeit with certain limitations, computer algorithms are being used online to analyse and automatically process audio. In LANDR’s case, to master the audio.

JukeDeck provides algorithms for music makers too. Well, also for non-music makers. So, if your day job is composing for corporate video, promos, etc, then look away now.

Five years ago Ed Rex, a Cambridge music degree graduate, stumbled into a Harvard lecture on computer science and was inspired to teach a computer to write music. Now before you click away, Jukedeck’s compositions have been used by Google, Natural History Museum and other companies for ads and jingles. Not too shoddy!

According to The Telegraph, Jukedeck’s “AI composer writes its music note by note rather than using loops.” I simply had to try it out to see how good this is.

The interface is minimal and therefore accessible to non-musicians. There’s not a huge number of options to choose from, but here’s what you can do:

First you create a track and choose the Genre: Piano, Folk, Rock, Electronic, Ambient, Cinematic or Pop. There are a number of “Moods” to choose from which update depending on the genre you chose. And you can choose a duration for the composition.

Once you've created a track in Jukedeck this is what you'll see.

Once you've created a track in Jukedeck this is what you'll see.


If you want, you can hit “Create Track” now, or you can browse the Instruments tab and the Tempo tab to get a little more specific.

Then 30 seconds later. Literally 30 seconds, which oddly feels like a long time to wait for anything on the internet, and your track is ready to play. They even name it for you!

Judge for yourself… I asked for a meditative ambient track:

Listen to my first ambient “composition” by Jukedeck:

The interface is lovely and easy to navigate, but it’s a shame there’s currently no option to embed the track on another website, though you can share to Twitter and Facebook.

You can download up to 5 tracks a month for free or pay $6.99 thereafter, and the track is royalty free if you’re using this as a business with fewer than 10 employees. Larger businesses can pay $21.99 per download, or you can buy own the track for $199.

It will be interesting to see whether Jukedeck has an impact on human composers, or if they’ll make the composition tech accessible to human composers and music makers in the future.

Or perhaps you’re of the inclination to see this as the final nail in the coffin for humans being able to make money from music composition? Should human composers and musicians hang up their boots already? Of course not. While the tech continues to push forward somehow humans need to find new ways to adapt and provide something different and unique musically.

[Via: The Telegraph]



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