This New Online Service Uses Reference Track To Instantly Master Your Mixes

Imagine being able to have your tracks mastered in an instant automatically to match a reference track of your choice. In essence that's exactly what Matchering does and you can try it for free.  

Probably the most high-profile online mastering  service is LANDR. But it doesn't allow you to specify a reference track which is what a lot of people do when they send a mix to a mastering engineer. Well, Matchering from Sound.Tools let's you master a track online in minutes using a reference track. 

Matchering is one of those concepts that is so incredibly simple it might just be genius. It matches the characteristics of your track with the reference track and then track with the reference track’s mastering settings. The Matchering algorithm processes incoming files in 2 steps:

  • It will match characteristics (RMS, FR, etc.) of your target and the reference tracks.
  • It will master your target track with the reference track’s mastering settings (same max amplitude, etc.).

You can try Matchering for FREE during the BETA using this special key: ASKAUDIO2017 (valid until 13 Feb 2017)

Currently Matchering supports 441000 Hz audio and will resample all files to 44100 upon upload. Also, it's recommended your track and the reference track have "similar layers" for best results and are, of course, of a similar genre. Matchering doesn't use machine learning at this stage. However, they "are developing another algorithm for novel neural audio processing. But it is a secret for now."

So, what about the human mastering engineer? We asked Sergio from if Matchering is designed to replace them? His answer is a definite no because "human mastering is an art." But he feels Matchering çan "help achieve good results in minutes for producers who don’t know manual mastering techniques or who want to save time". 

Go try out Matchering and tell us what you think.


Sound.Tools have provided all AskAudio readers wil a special FREE code to gain access to the BETA (until 13 Feb 2017). Here's the code:





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