This New Isotonik Ableton MaxforLive Collection Is All About Generating Visuals From Audio And MIDI

Working with some top AV M4L talent in the world, Isotonik Studios have come out with Retro Collection. It's designed for creating visuals for Ableton Live performances generated from audio & MIDI.  


Here's what our good friends at Isotonik Studios have told us about their new Retro Collectio - World:

Want to add audio and MIDI reactive visuals to your Ableton Live performance? We asked that question a year ago now when we launched Ned's first MaxforLive visualiser, a mesmerising little thing of beauty called Brainwash...

The response was fantastic and a year later we've grown our Visual Development team with some of the best AV artists in the Max world...

Each developer has added their own twist to our existing line up with each new pack of World Modules coinciding with an update to the World Viewer (which allows multiple Visualisers to render to the same display window). 

We thought it best in the run up to the festive season to bring a little love back to where it all started and so we've remixed the Video Collection into the now titled Retro Collection....

And packaged it up with World Viewer TWO that allows you to mix modules on three separate layers and have different FX running on each! (oh and we've added some new effects like Glur, Toon and Glitch in for good measure!)

Brainwash is still Brainwash, whilst Damage has been upgraded NedScope with GeoSynth LITE now becoming the PRO version with even more controls including the Anchor Variable allowing you to create objects that Orbit around each other...

The video at the top shows each devices output on a separtate layer and was put together in under ten minutes to show what results you can acheive with the minimum of effort!


Release Date: 13th December

Price: £25.99

Available From:


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