This Modded Black Teenage Engineering OP-1 Is Almost Too Sexy For Words

With some synths being released in a multitude of colors (Korg, we're thinking about the new Monologues) it's nice to see a cool synth like the OP-1 from Teenage Engineering in black. And it's sexy!

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 is an iconic synthesizer with 10 unique synthesis engines, two built-in samplers, 4-track tape, a four channel mixer, 7 stereo effects, six sequencers, a microphone, an FM radio, tape-style editing, and a controller mode. In short, the OP-1 is a highly acclaimed synth that is surrounded by good reviews and recommendations from its many users.

The other aspect of the OP-1 that makes it a winner is its compact and sexy design. Since its launch the OP-1 has been available in one color only, grey-white. However, one of the Teenage Engineering team, Jacob Kouthoofd Martensson, has modded an OP-1 and thus created an even sexier version in black.

The pic below shows the original grey/white OP-1 on the left and a Photoshopped interpretation of Jacob's black OP-1 on the right:

Before you get too excited (and we'd highly recommend you clear up the drool from your computer keyboard), this doesn't look like it'll be available to buy from Teenage Engineering. Nor does it appear that TE will be releasing a sexy, black OP-1 (sadly). However, if they get enough requests... well, who knows...?

In the meantime, you may wish to become best friends with Jacob and find out if he would do you a solid and transform your white OP-1 into something even more beautiful. 

Kudos to ChinChin Ray who tipped us off about this awesome "hacked" OP-1. 


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