This Mini-Record Player In an 80s Car Tells You What You Need to Know

When a car speaks you might not imagine the voices are being played back from a mini phonograph. That's exactly the case with the Nissan Maxima's talk box system!  

Cars that communicate with us aren’t a new thing. We’ve got flashing lights and beeps to let us know about impending dangers or reminding us to be cautious. Then there’s speaking cars. Again, not a new phenomenon. We’re not just talking about Kit from Knight Rider having almost full blown conversations with the driver, but rather those informative snippets a car might tell you like, “fuel is low.”

Well, it turns out the Nissan Maxima back in 1981-4 had such a talk box. While you might imagine these voices from the machine being stored on a microchip or perhaps being played to your courtesy of a cassette, the Nissan Maxima presented voice commands via a tiny record player controlled by analog circuitry.

Check out the video below:

Via: Electronic Beats  


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