This Man Is Creating Harmonicas Like Classic Nintendo Game Cartridges

Not only has Canadian Brady Grumpelt created a harmonica out of an old Nintendo game cartridge, he's looked into ways to produce more, put it on Kickstarter and you too can buy one.  

If you ever played Nintendo in the 90s you'll be familiar with the plastic cartridges that you'd blow on in an attempt to rid yourself of the occassional bad pixel on screen. Sometimes the trick worked... sometimes not.

One man who remembers this all too well, Brady Grumpelt, has taken the concept a step further and created harmonicas in the style of old 90s Nintendo game cartridges. 

The Harmonicartridge is Blotendo's first product and is a musical instrument that many people are supporting via Kickstarter... in fact, it's reached over 50% of its $4,000 CAD goal with 12 days still to go.



If you have anything else from the 80s or 90s which can be blown, strummed, picked or plucked to approximate a musical instrument then apparently it's a good time to make it into a product and sell it. 


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