This M4L Device Gives Arturia BeatStep Deeper Control Over Ableton Live

Imagine using an Arturia Beatstep to compose and create music in Ableton Live without ever needing to touch the computer's keyboard or mouse. That's what Ultim4L have made with this Max4Live device.  

If you thought of the Arturia Beatstep or Beatstep Pro as a useful MIDI hardware sequencer you'd of course be correct... but what about if you want to use it to control a variety of settings in Ableton Live to keep your hands on the Beatstep and away from your computer? Ultim4L have released AdvancedBeatstep, a Max for Live device designed to give you just that kind of control.

Here's a video showing how AdvancedBeatstep Max for Live device allows you to create music in Ableton Live directly from your Beatstep without touching a mouse or keyboard:

Here's what they tell us about it:

"AdvancedBeatstep is a Max for Live tool, which allows you to access different setting options and function pages in Ableton Live, from your BeatStep. This enables you to use all pads for your performance while keeping the main commands of Ableton Live under your fingers to record, loop and fiddle with your music.

"Once it is set up, it is easy to use and very efficient. No mapping midi necessary, integration is really fast. Got an idea? Just plug your BeatStep and you are ready to roll!"

The AdvancedBeatstep is currently on offer for €10. It also comes with a downloadable manual, BeatstepOctaver M4L device and a printable overlay for your Beatstep unit.

This is probably one of the best hacks we've seen yet for the Arturia Beatstep and is a no-brainer for those who use it with Ableton Live...

Price: €10 (limited-time)


Learn Ableton Live & Max4Live: 

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