This Isotonik Max For Live Effect Lets You Make Wobble Bass From Anything

Part of the Primo Collection from Strangelines sees Isotonik bringing us all the power to create wobble bass and synth sounds from ANY source. It's good fun and worth trying out.  

Here's what the good folks at Isotonik have told us about Primo Collection. Check out the video below too!

June, 2016–Our Italian Maestro, Ernesto, has just released the third of his MaxForLive devices Wob FX..!

Now available as part of his Primo Collection you can grab MouthBreather, Streak FX and Wob FX for one bargain price!

Wob FX 3 is a powerful and easy to use MaxforLive Audio Effect that will let you create wobble bass/synth sounds from any source: you can start from a voice, a synth, drums, or just a simple saw wave. Possibilities are endless.

StrangeLines - Wob FX 3 - Wobble synthesis by StrangeLines from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.

  • Make easy/complex wobble basses from any source
  • Make growls, distorted basses and metallic screeches
  • Vocodize through the Warp function
  • Pitch shift
  • Waveshape/gate any sound source

Wob FX 3 is fully automatable and midi-controllable and will be always in perfect sync with Live’s time signatures and your creative workflow: jaw-dropping results are just 3 clicks away.




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