This Insane Cardboard Modular Synthesizer Features Brainwave Reading Module

This Cardboard Modular Synthesizer, complete with brain waveform reader module was designed and created by AXL OTL and you need to watch the video now.  

You have to love AXL OTL. Not just for this video... but trust me, it will help!

Cedric Douhaire contacted us directly to tell about this awesome video of his cardboard synth creation and after watching a minute or less you can imagine what our reaction was.

From the "touch screen" map module to Idea Generator Tube... the (ahem) Love module to the melody thread generators that can only create a single note at a time... And of course the Brain Wave Reader. Yes, this synth can read your mind and you can select the brainwaves it tunes into! There's synth modules here you won't find on any other eurorack or modular synthesizer. And if you do, you should be concerned!

Cedric told us he, "didn't use anything fancy really for the sound. (not a single sound get out of any module in reality). Reaktor's Vertigo wave from boscomac for the sound of the ondes Martenot." He used Monotribe for the Drum sounds and DSI Mopho X4 for the melody. 

A closer look at the AXL OTL cardboard synth.

A closer look at the AXL OTL cardboard synth.

The video and sound itself was edited using iMovie and Ableton Live.

Oh... and that Brain reader remote. You really want to to know what it is made from? Cedric tells us he thinks it was a very comfortable tampon.

If you enjoy the track used in this cardboard modular synthesizer video you can take a listen here: 

Thanks to AXL OTL for bringing a synth smile to the start of our day.


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