This Human Metronome Man Is Eerily Accurate

If you wish you instinctively knew the exact tempo of a track by seeing the BPM numeric measurement only, then you're going to love this video of the Metronome Man!  

The metronome is one of the most important tools available for live and studio musicians. While most music makers can apporximate the tempo they need by clapping or tapping in time to the beat, if someone asked you to clap at an exact tempo, say 144 bpm, could you do it?

Well, this man can. And we wanted to share this engaging video that's gone viral of Treb Dolor's brother (who is a bit of a musical genius) clapping the beats per minute for a variety of different tempos and checked using an iPhone app.

Is it a useful skill to have? Or is it a party-trick? You decide. Either way, hats off to the talented brother of Treb Dolor.

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