This Hardware Sequencer from Polyend is Like a Monome on Steroids

If you're looking for a large MIDI Step Sequencer with so powerful but easy to use features and a gorgeous look and feel then you need to watch this video about Polyend's SEQ from Musikmesse 2016 now.  

Having already wowed Musikmesse 2016 with their awesome, automated drum kit playing machine, Polyend decided not to stop there. With SEQ (they haven't yet decided whether to pronounce it "seek" or "sec" as in seconds) they've created a high-quality sequencer which at first glance made me think it's like a Monome on steroids.

That description doesn't do it justice though. SEQ has been designed to be a thing of beauty and Piotr of Polyend is keen to stress that there are still improvements to the look and feel he wants to make over this first prototype.

They've designed it to be a "what you see if what you get" sequencer. It features 8 drum gates, MIDI 8-pin MIDI and USB MIDI outputs. 

SEQ can save up to 256 patterns, and it'll intelligently auto-save patterns too. The random function makes it super easy to generate ideas. Each of the 8 tracks and 32 steps can be turned on and off and you can adjust the lenth of the tracks to create polyrhythms as well as the length for each step.

The price hasn't been set yet, but Polyend would like it to be less than €1000, and are looking to make it available before the end of the year.



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