This Eurorack Step Sequencer Module, MIDI SEQ-8 Plays MIDI From Android Devices

Imagine being able to compose MIDI patterns on your Android device and then feed them through a eurorack module to any analog synthesizer of your choice. Stop imagining and check out MIDI-SEQ-8!  

We’ve come across eurorack synth modules that can interface with an iPhone or iOS device, but the MIDI-SEQ-8 from Personal Circuits might be the first we’ve encountered to date that plays nice with Android devices.

It’s quite simple really. The MIDI-SEQ-8 is a step sequencer (no prizes there) that sends MIDI files over USB from an Android device to an analog synthesizer.

Here’s some spec & features:

  • 8 MIDI channels supported which can drive 8 synth voices 
  • Play your own MIDI compositions on your synth from your phone 
  • Create and play CV sequences up to 16 steps on 8 channels 
  • Gate or Trigger mode 
  • Adjustable Clock in BPM 
  • Start / Stop /Rewind / Step

This Eurorack module “uses a PIC 24 bit microprocessor to convert the midi messages from the Android app into digital codes which are then converted into gate/trigger and control voltages for 8 channels with TI DACs. These are buffered with precision TI op amps providing precise tracking over three octaves and to within 0.01V over 5 octaves.”


The MIDI-SEQ-8 retails for $149 USD and you can download the MIDI sequencer Android app too.

[Via: Routenote]


Download Abroid App:


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