This Erica Synths Fusion Drone System Video Might Put You Into A Hypnotic State

There's no better way to start my day than with a drone, and Erica Synths provide a mysterious teaser video of their upcoming Fusion Drone System which sounds gloriously atmospheric and mysterious.  

Erica Synths have been busy releasing a lot of new modules and machines this year and it looks like their pace is not slowing down. In fact, they seem to be becoming more prolific than ever.

Mark this date in your calendar: 11.08.2016 (11th of August 2016), because that’s when this new system is being released… and from listening to it in action, I can’t impress on you how much I want one now.

If you thought your synth system was finished… think again. We predict the Fusion Drone System will gain a lot of interest from those wanting to add an air of mystery, mystical, musical drones…

In this teaser video you'll notice some Pico modules and we can make out some Fusion modules too including the Fusion Ring Modulator and Voltage Controlled Filter. 

Remeber to stay tuned for the 11th August when we should likely have further details on the Fusion Drone including availability and pricing.


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