This Easy Trick Makes Any Mono Synthesizer Play Chords & Pads

By pushing hardware to its extremes you can go beyond conventional programming techniques and create something special. This short video from Loopop explains one such trick...  

Here's a short video from Loopop that reveals a clever trick enabling you to simulate playing pads or chords from a monosynth. By definition of course, a monosynth can only play one note at a time but that's not to say they can't play notes in very fast succession. But that's not the whole story...

After creating a very fast arpeggiated pattern and tinkering with the attack and sustain of notes to ensure they sound for as long as possible, you then add a boatload of reverb to the signal which causes the notes to blend together - effectively creating an ambient pad or chord sound! By using different reverb algorithms and dry/wet amounts - or even two reverbs - you can create different kinds of effects. It's a cool example of pushing hardware to its extremes to create sounds and textures that you might not have thought possible! 

Via Loopop:

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