This DJ Spins a Set Using Reel to Reel Tapes

Wherever you stand on the digital vs vinyl debate when it comes to DJing, this video of Mr Tape spinning a set at 1992 DMC Championships on reel to reel tape recorders is bound to impress.  

Some might say the tech involved in DJ gear is making DJing easier. There’s more button pushing and automatic syncing. At the same time it can be argued that being a DJ is really about the connection between DJ and the crowd, the music, and the mood and energy regardless of the technology used. 

But, if you think you’ve arrived because you can spin a set using vinyl records, then consider Reel to Reel tape recorders as your next mountain to scale. This video we saw on Red Street Media's Facebook page shows Mr Tape from Latvia doing something most DJs would struggle with at the 1991 DMC World Championships. i.e. spinning an entire set using reel to reel tape!

If your jaw is on the floor right now it's time to pick it up, pay homage to Mr Tape's skills and continue enjoying DJing in Serato, Traktor, or on turntables.


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