This Buchla 200e Live Synth Performance From Steve H Is Pure Inspiration

If you only watch one synth performance video today make it this one. Steve H improvises with his Buchla 200e with some external processing provided by Logic Pro X. It's inspiring and expansive.  

Publisher at macProVideo and AskAudio, Steve H, is not only responsible for producing video course content for tens of thousands of musicians, producers and synthesists around the world, he’s also an experienced musician with credits you might not believe if we told you!

Steve, despite his success and knowledge and skills, is not a fame or ego-driven musician, composer or synthesist. But, when he does share his personal works you can be sure there’s deep emotion, feeling and substance behind the patch cables and controllers.

This live improvised performance of SteveH working his trusty Buchla 200e is a 7-minute soundscape that is dreamy, expansive and perfect for a Sunday morning (or any time or day or night).

Here’s how Steve H describes his modular synth performance:

“Here's me doing a Buchla 200e Improv exploring the 222e Kinesthetic Input Port’s programmable arpeggiator. The “sound” comes from the 261e Complex Waveform Generator. The timbre and symmetry of the waveform is being altered by the 222e’s x/y pad. Some external Logic Pro X Processing processing added at the very end.”


Hear more synth compositions from SteveH, check out his YouTube channel here.

Learn from the best trainers that Steve has assembled for audio and music production training in the AskAudio Academy here.



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