This Bizarre Eurorack Synth Controller Maps Rotation Speed To MIDI Dynamics

Sound Globe 2 is a unique custom built controller that can use the speed of a rotating globe to control musical dynamics. It's like no other synth controller you've seen before. Here it is in action.  

We're always excited to see what enterprising musicians come up with when they develop their own music hardware, and here's a particularly interesting and unique instrument from Takumi Ogata. Although it looks a little like a full-on 1980s heavy metal guitar, Sound Globe 2 is actually an advanced MIDI controller that maps the rotational speed of a sphere to musical dynamics. 

In the video you'll see the player manipulating both the "fretboard" to change the note, and the speed of the spinning globe to alter the volume and dynamics of the music. Connected up to a Eurorack modular synth, he's able to make some amazing tones, textures and sounds with relatively little effort.  Although this would appear to be a one-off at the moment, it's certainly the kind of thing we could imagine taking off were it ever to be produced commercially. What do you think? 

Via Takumi Ogata: On YouTube

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