This Bass Player Proves Deadmau5 Wrong By Shredding Bassline Live

What happens when Deadmau5 says a bassline from a remix he's listening to is impossible to play? Davie504 steps up to the challenge and gives the riff a thorough attempt...  

While listening to Sparkee's remix of his track "Strobe" during a live stream, Deadmau5 pointed out the "technically impossible" bassline in the track. Now, let's start by saying we agree. It's a bassline that would take a bass player all over the fretboard if they can manage it.

Deadmau5 would love to hear someone attempt to play that riff... well, his wish was granted when YouTube bass player Davie504 took up the challenge and completely shreds it:

It's not so important that Davie504 proves Deadmau5 wrong. Better still is we get to listen to a great bass line played live, no computers.

Here's more info from Davie504:

Deadmau5 was listening to Sparkee's remix of "Strobe" and said that the bassline of that remix was "technically impossible" and he would love to see a bass player play that part live... So let's see if that's really an impossible riff....

Deadmau5's stream video:

Song remix with the "impossible" bass riff:

TABS and Backing Tracks:

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Not everyone can play this part live. Granted. If you'd like to learn how to record bass like this (or any other style) or how to program MIDI parts efefctively in a DAW, check out the video courses in our AskAudio Academy:

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Oh, man...he is frikkin' good!!
Im a bassist. Now I dont have the chops that Davie504 has, but Im not that far behind him. If Deadmau5 thinks he that this is a impossible bass line to play he needs to hang out with some solid musicians. I can think of ten bassists off the top of my head that have played much more challenging funk lines then that. Im not trying to be discursive here, but as a musician - I find that fact that DM even said that preposterous - and kinda sad if this cat is out there and considered a musical icon.

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